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Frustrated with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

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Imagine getting dressed and being 100% secure & happy in what you’re wearing.

By gaining a clear understanding of your personal style and body type, you’ll wake up every day feeling powerful and confident while making an influential impression at work, in your business, and in your social life.

I’m here to remove the doubts and stress with your wardrobe and replace it with a fearless style and the confidence needed to own a room without having to say a word.


Hey! I’m Shaquanna!

I help women redefine their relationship with their wardrobe so they can get dressed with peace and confidence.

For years I’ve been able to help women fall in love with getting dressed again through exclusive private coaching, workshops, and courses. I work with goal-getting women to help them define their personal style, create an influential image, and move with confidence as they accomplish their professional and personal goals.

Private events, conferences, and workshops

Nothing brings me more joy than pouring into a room full of women who are ready to express themselves through their wardrobe to show up confidently in the world.


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