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Eliminate self-doubt and show up in your full power.


Change your self-limiting beliefs, remove strongholds, and develop a new way of thinking when getting dressed.

What people say...

Reese D

"Get Up and Get Dressed is the “Transformational Style Guide” for our generation! This book challenges you to do the inner “soul-led” work, encourages you to push past limiting beliefs about yourself and your purpose, and ultimately provides the blueprint for how to show up and dress confidently, as God intended! I highly recommend this book; your life and your wardrobe will never be the same!"

—  Reese Dennis

About Get Up and Get Dressed

This straightforward and enlightening guide provides a relatable approach to help you positively transform your self-image.


Through engaging stories, practical advice, and reflective exercises, Get Up and Get Dressed will help you:

  • Identify and change the self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living life confidently

  • Remove any insecurities and strongholds that are blinding you from seeing yourself in God’s perfect image

  • Develop a new way of thinking about your getting dressed routine so that you consistently exude confidence in your style


Meet the Author

Shaquanna Chappelle is an image and style expert who teaches ambitious women how to look and feel powerful. She helps professional women break out of their comfort zones, identify their unique styles, and create bold, confident looks. Shaquanna’s main mission is to help women remove feelings of self-consciousness about their image to regularly make stylish choices.

After reading this book, you’ll understand how to combat negative thoughts and behaviors, love and accept the woman you are, and get dressed with the fullness of God as you go to the next level in life.

Ready to Get Up and Get Dressed?

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