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your style so you
can show up confidently.
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Let's be honest…

You’re a hard working, ambitious woman but you struggle with connecting your power to your style.

After countless attempts of trying to copy your favorite fashion blogger’s outfits, you’re still unsure of what styles of clothing will match your unique personality and body type.


Keeping up with the latest style trends is discouraging because you still feel self-conscious about your image. 


Finding something to wear in your current wardrobe requires too much of your mental energy, so you often settle for the same articles of clothing that don’t speak to where you’re trying to go in your career.

You just want to get to a place where you’re consistently confident in your appearance.

The bold, powerful, and stylish woman you desire to be is waiting on you.

You know your self-doubt will finally be erased and you will show up in your full power once you get the expert style guidance on how to get dressed with little to no effort.

Knowing what to wear to your next negotiation meeting, conference, or brand photoshoot doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you learn how to put together stylish looks that say “I’m about my business”, it’s easier for you to radiate the confidence of a successful woman.

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Now I understand my own body and what looks good to me. I easily get dressed with complete confidence!

- India

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Before working with Shaquanna

I was struggling with the confidence to open my closet and know what to put together. When shopping I was easily overwhelmed with so many options and would end up buying clothing that didn't match anything in my closet so the extra clothes would pile up, and I would once again feel unmotivated dress cute.

How would your life be different if you had style confidence?

Four Steps To Style Confidence


Your Mind


Recognize what’s stopping you from being confident in your style.

We’ll unpack any negative emotion towards your image so we can develop confidence in your style identity.

Find the Fit

That Flatters


Understand what styles of clothing will accentuate your body type so you can start dressing to highlight the features you love instead of hiding the areas you’re self-conscious about.

Maximize Your Wardobe


Identify your unique personal style and how to incorporate colors, prints, and accessories to get the most value out of your wardrobe.

You’ll also learn how to shop the smart way to only purchase items with true style intent.

Style Yourself

Without Doubt

Recognize what’s stopping you from being confident in your style.


We’ll unpack any negative emotion towards your image so we can develop confidence in your style identity.

Influential Image


Designed to equip you with the strategy to consistently make confident stylish choices so you can make influential impressions in your career.

Influential Image

What's included?

Weekly Training 

Four virtual sessions where I’ll teach you everything you need to elevate your style.

During each weekly experience, we will cover the four steps to style confidence + any additional areas that will resolve your wardrobe challenges.

Personal Lookbook 

Includes the fundamentals of each weekly session, outfit ideas for different body types, and shopping guides for you to reference beyond our time together.

Style Feedback 

Every week you will receive a practical assignment to immediately apply what you learned. I’ll then give you feedback to ensure your style goes from dull to fierce!

24/7 Access To A Style Expert 

You’ll have access to me, my style expertise, and advice.

With my guidance, you’ll be confident in your day-to-day style.

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I was struggling with my image.

I viewed myself as being frumpy and unable to dress like I wanted, or thought I could. I wanted to bring style back into my life but I didn’t know how to navigate that. I tried to follow social media and lookup fashion trends, but I still struggled to put things together. After working with Shaquanna, I feel more confident and sure of myself. Influential Image has helped me see me in my clothing.”

- Jocelyn

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Im Shaquanna! 

I’ve helped dozens of women break out of their comfort zone, identify their unique style, and create confident and bold looks. 

Women who have followed my style expertise have gained an extra boost of confidence when climbing the corporate ladder, negotiating deals, and securing speaking engagements for high profile conferences. My main mission is to help women remove any self-consciousness towards their image and consistently make stylish choices.

Ready to elevate your style?
Influential Image is for you if:

You’re a professional woman who frequently struggles with what to wear.


You want to effortlessly look and feel your best regardless if you’re going to a board meeting, a salary negotiation, or speaking on the stage.


It takes a lot of mental energy for you to figure out what you should be wearing.


You’re ready to make the investment in your wardrobe so you can show up in bold ways - both professionally and personally.

Are you ready to magnify your power by elevating your style?

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